How ChurchDesk is using fullview to help digitize one of the world’s oldest institutions

We interviewed all-in-one church management platform ChurchDesk. Here's how they use Fullview Cobrowsing to improve onboarding and tech support.

How ChurchDesk is using fullview to help digitize one of the world’s oldest institutions
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Shifa Rahaman
Shifa Rahaman
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Change may be challenging, particularly for an institution as historic and steadfast as the Church. Yet, ChurchDesk, a Danish SaaS company, is skillfully navigating this transition, revolutionizing how churches operate in the modern era. They are achieving this feat with an all-in-one management platform that streamlines operations, connects with communities, and facilitates efficient communication and event management.

In our conversation with Kenneth Svenningsen, COO of ChurchDesk, he sheds light on their journey and how Fullview, with its cobrowsing and support capabilities, is helping them offer technical support to a tech-reluctant market.

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ChurchDesk: A modern approach to church management

"ChurchDesk is an all-in-one management platform. It helps churches connect with more people, communicate with them more efficiently, build and maintain a website, manage events, and process payments and donations in a seamless, integrated way," Kenneth explains when asked to elaborate on what the ChurchDesk platform encompasses.

Operating in the church sector presents its own set of challenges. As one of the world's oldest institutions, churches adhere to established practices, many of which involve laborious manual tasks.

Kenneth notes, "The church vertical is an interesting space to operate in. Obviously, as one of the world’s oldest institutions, they have very set ways of doing things. Some of those processes are extremely time-consuming and arduous when done manually. We wanted to automate a lot of it so churches could focus more on their communities and less on administrative tasks."

We have to be quite intentional about the ways in which we offer things like technical support and onboarding because so much of this is very new to our clients

Customer support as a key differentiator

Kenneth highlights customer support and the overall customer experience as key differentiators for ChurchDesk.

He notes, "We make sure we are easy to reach and offer our users a variety of ways to get in touch. They can call us on the phone, send us an email or chat with us in-app. Apart from that, we have to be quite intentional about the ways in which we offer things like technical support and onboarding because so much of this is very new to our clients.

"Cobrowsing was something we already used before switching to Fullview, but the company we used before you was based in the UK. When Brexit happened, we wanted to see if we could find an EU-based cobrowsing company instead. I follow the startup scene in Denmark and it was in connection with that that I discovered Fullview."

For the trickier calls, Fullview has definitely been good for our time-to-resolution

Seamless processes and improved resolution times

Since implementing Fullview, ChurchDesk's support process has become more seamless. Kenneth emphasizes, "The process is more seamless, so it’s easier to escalate the issues that can’t be resolved via chat or email — we just cobrowse with our users to solve an issue or teach them how to use a feature. For the trickier calls, it has definitely been good for our time-to-resolution."

Kenneth wholeheartedly recommends Fullview to other companies, particularly ones operating in the European market.

"When it comes to European companies or companies operating in the European market in particular, it’s great that Fullview is an EU-based company that takes GDPR seriously and doesn’t have an American parent company. All data is stored within the EU, which is another huge checkmark in your favor. Fullview’s features are well thought out and easy to use. The fact that our end users don’t have to lift a finger or bother with downloads is a huge plus for us. And I’m sure it will be for any company that uses Fullview.

The upshot

ChurchDesk's journey towards modernizing church management stands as a testament to the power of innovation in bridging the gap between tradition and technology. Their commitment to enhancing customer support and the overall user experience, coupled with the seamless integration of Fullview's cobrowsing capabilities, has resulted in more efficient processes and quicker issue resolution times.

Kenneth's resounding endorsement of Fullview reinforces its value, particularly for European companies, who are looking for a GDPR compliant and user-friendly solution. As ChurchDesk continues to lead the way in revolutionizing how churches operate in the digital age, their partnership with Fullview remains a pivotal component of their story.

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