How Autoprotect Group is using Fullview to dismantle siloes between product and support

Autoprotect Group uses Fullview’s cobrowsing and session replays to record user sessions, share them company-wide so everyone is on the same page about CX, and resolve tickets quickly and efficiently.

How Autoprotect Group is using Fullview to dismantle siloes between product and support
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Shifa Rahaman
Shifa Rahaman
Content Marketing Manager

In the competitive landscape of the auto insurance industry, providing top-notch customer support is paramount.

Autoprotect Group's technical support team were already looking for a better way to understand and replicate user issues when their Platform Support Manager, Lee Oldham, found Fullview.

“In our legacy systems, we could log in as a user and replicate an issue. Our new system doesn’t allow us to do that. We purposely built it so we cannot access a system as a user because of compliance reasons. So we had to go out there and find a solution that would still allow us to see and understand user issues but in a compliant way.”

Fullview’s session recordings feature was an immediate draw.

Autoprotect Group is primarily in the auto insurance industry and is one of the UK’s largest providers of insurance products and dealer warranties to vehicle retailers and manufacturers throughout the UK, in Europe, and globally. They provide software for car dealerships and they also have other functions, like a finance arm and their own auto technicians.

The team Lee manages at Autoprotect functions as a second-level support team. We sat down with Lee recently to discuss how Fullview has helped Autoprotect enhance and optimize its customer support workflows.

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Navigating compliance challenges

Before integrating Fullview into their support workflow, Autoprotect faced significant challenges in understanding and replicating user issues while adhering to GDPR regulations. Lee Oldham reflects on this, stating, "We needed a GDPR-compliant way to understand user issues; Fullview’s session recordings feature was an immediate draw."

This highlights the critical need for a solution that not only addresses compliance requirements but also enhances the efficiency of support processes.

The transition to Fullview marked a pivotal moment for Autoprotect, streamlining their support workflows and empowering their technical support team to address customer inquiries more effectively.

Lee explains, "Fullview grabbed a lot of attention very quickly in our organization. Specifically because we don’t have to try and replicate issues anymore. We can just find the relevant replay recording. It’s been a complete game-changer for us.

"In the interim between switching to our new system [without customer impersonation] and implementing Fullview, we didn’t really have much of a scalable process for seeing and replicating issues. We used to actually have support agents on-site with our customers to see these issues in person because there were so few active customers using our new system [web application] since it had just been released.

"Apart from that, we would typically ask customers: “Can you send me a screenshot? What have you seen?”

Once the initial release of the new platform had happened, it quickly became our process to have something like Fullview to see and understand user issues, which is why we started looking for a solution immediately.

We’ve now built our support processes around what your system offers."

Empowering support teams with actionable insights

Fullview's session recording capabilities have empowered Autoprotect's support teams with actionable insights into user interactions and system performance.

Lee elaborates on this, stating, "Even when we could impersonate users, we often found that replicating bugs was still difficult because the situations and scenarios were different. Different internet speeds, different PCs, different browsers…it makes it difficult to replicate bugs because, since our solution is web-based, whatever bug the user is experiencing may not occur under different circumstances. So things could be working fine at our end and broken at the customer’s end. Issues like that used to slow down the initial diagnostics."

For support agents, being able to watch a session replay without the pressure of a customer on the phone asking “can you fix it?” is great. And on the development side, not being able to reproduce a bug is no longer a blocker, because we’ve got video evidence that it did happen.

Since implementing Fullview, this has no longer been an issue.

"Now, obviously, with Fullview, you have access to all that information — what OS a user is using, what browser they are on — without even asking them, which speeds everything up. When a user writes us an email saying something didn’t work and when it occurred, we can immediately pull up that session and just watch what happened. The higher-ups were like 'This is brilliant!”' And once you’ve diagnosed the problem by watching the replay, an agent can then jump on a cobrowsing call with the user, take control of their screen, and solve the problem collaboratively."

Driving continuous improvement

By leveraging Fullview's robust features, including session replay recordings and console logs, Autoprotect can proactively address customer issues, drive product enhancements, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Lee acknowledges this, stating, "For me, the user session recordings are definitely a game-changer in this industry.

"It’s because a user session recording can flow all the way through. What I mean by that is before a session recording is sent to our technical development team, it has potentially gone through two or three other people doing their own checks, their own diagnostics, etc. So this recording is helping them all along the way. That means that everybody gets the exact same information all the time, rather than someone inferring or misunderstanding a comment from someone else. It’s consistent all the way through.

"For support agents, being able to watch a session replay without the pressure of a customer on the phone asking “can you fix it?” is great. And on the development side, not being able to reproduce a bug is no longer a blocker, because we’ve got video evidence that it did happen."

This sentiment underscores the transformative impact that Fullview has had on Autoprotect's support operations.

Autoprotect's partnership with Fullview exemplifies a commitment to elevating support excellence in the auto insurance industry. By harnessing the power of Fullview's advanced capabilities, Autoprotect has streamlined support workflows, fostered collaboration across teams, and driven operational efficiency. As Autoprotect continues to leverage Fullview's features, it is poised to deliver unparalleled customer support and set new standards of excellence in the industry.

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