With this integration you can automatically receive errors or key events in Slack and solve issues proactively.

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You can automatically send errors and key events from your customers sessions in Slack and identify issues proactively. What does that mean? If a user experiences an error that is recorded by their browser's console, you will be notified in Slack and will be able to see what happened with the click of a button, and then decide what action is required. You can also enable this for a specific subset of customers (for instance, your enterprise customers).

Example of notifications you can send to your Slack channel

This integrations brings you:

  • Visibility: anyone in your Slack channel will have access to the data.
  • Proactive support: you will spot issues without waiting for your customers to tell you.
  • Automation: a faster way to collaborate with your engineering team.
  • Insights: you can increase retention by understanding which customers are experiencing issues and provide them with support when needed.


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