Video: Why is personalization in customer support so important?

Video: Why is personalization in customer support so important?

Have you ever received support from a SaaS company? If so, you've probably come across quite a few chatbots.

Now, chatbots definitely have a useful function, but they also create unnecessary friction when used at the wrong time. Going through a list of automated questions, only to have to speak to an agent and repeat it all again is a recipe for unhappy customers.

That's why personalization is so important. It makes your customers feel heard, and it leads them to the right solutions quickly and efficiently.

So what do we actually mean by personalization of customer support?

For starters, check out the video below with more thoughts from us: 

Well, what it means today, is making sure that your customer has a 1:1 relationship with someone from your company.

A chatbot doesn't really provide them with that.

With Fullview, our goal is to enable you to deliver a scalable and efficient customer support experience.

We enable CS agents to understand instantly what the issue is, through features like in-app calls and multi-cursor screen control - this removes the tedious need for back and forth conversation over chat and email.

If you work in CS at a SaaS company, we would love to show you what we're working on and hear your feedback.

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Daniel Bakh

Co-Founder / CEO